‘So what have you been up to…for 20 years’

I will admit, I was feeling it when i was greeted by the familiar synth notes of Underworlds ‘Born Slippy’ introducing  the sequel to 1996 Trainspotting.

With the knowledge of hindsight, I would have ended the trailer at 1:05 minutes, just to spare me the song change. Ultimately, it comes down to personal opinion, but those who get brought to tears by loops of ‘You’ve got the Love’ and Adele’s ‘Hello’, would most likely feel an emotional resonance due to a fault in their programing which deceives them into investing in mediocre shit. As David Lynch has said ‘everybody has consciousness, but not everybody has the same amount’[1].

The part where I was finally thrown from my nostalgic perch was the clip of Renton’s mother silhouetted on the wall, like a Nagasaki shadow — asinine symbolism — fuck off, give me a dead baby, and a true representation of Edinburgh in the present day. I hope to eat these words — in regards to that song. No regrets.

[1] David Lynch: Interviews, ed. by Richard A Barney (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2009).